I recently tried to import some Devonthink XML scripts after upgrading to Brain9, but it seems the file storage format has changed (?) and this no longer works.

TheBrain is great at knowledge management and organisation in a way that Devonthink is unable to do, though it excels in other areas. It would be a shame to lose the synergy between the two that has served me well with TheBrain8.

I was hoping for some workaround/fix, or perhaps some form of DTD reference could be made available for us to access, so the scripts could be modified to work with TheBrain9?
Please note, if you are referring to the DEVONthink script that I wrote more than six years ago, it was written against TheBrain 6 (beta).  So there should be no expectations that it continues to work with even TheBrain 8, let alone TheBrain 9.   And TheBrain DTD that was used at that time is still where it was, six years ago.
Thanks for clearing that up, and yes, it is your script I am referring to, which has been a great help, as both a DEVONthink and TheBrain user.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking for me to expect something intended to be used with TheBrain 6 to still function with TheBrain 9, and should consider myself fortunate that it has even worked thus far.

Nevertheless, should you or anyone else be willing to work on it, I'm still hoping that the resources necessary for that to happen will be made available.
FYI, if anyone is thinking about building data to import into TB9 it would better to utilize TB9's JSON format. It is a lot easier to create than TB8 XML. To see a sample, create a .BRZ then rename to .ZIP and extract.

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