Thought>paste as Child of Homethought

As bkonia correctly noted, adding Thoughts to my inbox involves rather many "shenanigans". 


With a bit of practice it'd be still much faster for me than using the BrainBox, but not for people uncomfortable with hotkeys. 

How about about a command Thought>Paste as Child of Home Thought, then?
Those commands would also be well-suited to be in the context-menu of the Plex. 
So most people then would could forego using the fussy BrainBox.
Browsing would hardly be interrupted at all. Just a quick switch over to the theBrain, right-click, select command and you're on your way.
Or even easier: switch to the Brain, keystroke, switch back to what you were doing.

Thought>create Child of Home Thought

Making the Home Thought the Inbox seems natural to me. And a good inbox can be added to without showing itself. So why not give Home Thought the capbility to do so?

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Thanks David, 

I will go ahead and write this up as a feature request.

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