Ok relax, i know you guys are good but i haven't lost the plot by asking for an Einstein-Rosen bridge in PB4 just yet (but see what you can do for PB5!)  

However, it would be useful to have a feature of thoughts (perhaps expanded into calender event function) where the following information could be entered, and then the thought automatically activate according to the suggested timing criteria:
  • Activate Timer [y/n]
    • Start time [clock]
    • End Time [clock]
    • Date [calendar]
    • or activate in sequence position [numeric listbox] after opening brain
    • Automatically activate Attachment [y/n]
When a thought on timer function is automatically activated, the last manually activated thought could be placed on the plex much like the ESP function does already. I think with the calendar events feature the basic platform for this functionality is already there.

The objectives of this request are that one may want to be periodically reminded of thoughts or their content on a regular basis either for study or for reviewing a website etc. Or for example, i might want the brain to automatically run through a sequence of thoughts and open up a selection of programs by their thought shortcuts ready for the day. This could also merit the 'activate in sequence position X after opening brain' feature. Useful for presentations too as touched upon in discussion previously raised in fourth posting in this thread:

Might be worth considering this also with Nick's ideas in mind:



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