Some years ago put in a request for a timeline. After a while you implemented a time-line. This was great.
The implementation is a bit simple. But it works.

Suggestion: playing the timeline like a time-line wandering.
As being very interested in neuroscience, I like your product as it helps firing neurons when you see thoughts being presented around a specific subject.
But it would be great if one can visualize the time-line in the way you implemented wandering. In fact that someone can see back how she/he has added thoughts to its brain. This instantiates the same neuron firing in the physical brain as at the time these thoughts were entered in the brain and so such helps to remember that state of mind in the brain.

Implementation: Possibility to select a start-time or a specific thought and from there on the plex should work like a reply of the actions (thoughts added, deleted,...). The user should be able to select the speed and also to go step by step allowing her/him to think within a similar neurological state of mind as of the time the thoughts were added.



Thank you for the suggestion. I'll document and discuss...


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