Web Client Attachment Feature Requests ==> See demo
  • Tab View
  • -- Please provide a "More" (+) tab to access each of the hidden attachments in the horizontal tab view. See the corresponding (+) tab already provided on the vertical tab view.
  • -- Please be sure the attachment display sequence in the web client adjusts to match the desktop when the display sequence in the desktop is changed.
  • List View: Please provide an attachment list view that matches the desktop display as an alternative to the attachment tabs which are truncated (hard-to-read) and must be clicked to view/access attached URLs in both the horizontal and vertical tab views
Other recent feature requests for web client attachments
Related requests for desktop attachments
I fully agree with all of these Web Client requests, especially as several relate to the attachment display sequence in the Web Client should match the desktop layout by design - lead tabs may be placed first for specific presentation purpose/impact or as an ordered sequence of content materials, while other (last) tabs may be lesser/supplemental materials.

And also especially - please provide the "hamburger menu" option for all users the capability to open ALL attachment tabs, in the event the internal web browser can't display for (m)any reason(s), so that the user is not SOL/dead but may alternatively still get to the material, and so that users may opt to save or share the URL link.

All of these points ablove will benefit everyone, and match the expected design and behavior of the desktop client.  Please.  Thank you.
Thank you for your feedback, Dennis.

I appreciate your support on these issues, especially since I had thought these feature requests would be of interest to anyone attempting to share resources in TB10 web client.

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