[Feature Suggestion] - "Thought Outline Type"

The introduction of Thought Types and Tags in TB10 added an "app-like" functionality to The Brain. I'd like to see TB go one step further with something like a specific Thought Outline Type that will denote child Thoughts as outlines that give them special outlining functions in the Outline View.

For example, I could create a Thought called "New Book" and set it as an Outline Type before selecting Outline View in order to start the outlining process.

Once my main ideas are created as child Thoughts of "New Book", I'd like to be able to drag Thoughts up and down in the Plex to re-order chapter Thoughts below "New Book".

The core idea is to have Thoughts with the specific type Thought Outline retain their new position in the order once dragged. Additionally, any child Thoughts could automatically inherit the parent Thought name, a feature akin to applying the "comma trick".

I do a lot of outlining in The Brain but it's cumbersome without the ability to automatically reorder Thoughts. As is the case with other outlining users, I'm having to go in and change the number order manually—an experience that is less than ideal.



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