Ability to record voice message (or multiple) for Thoughts.

e.g. have a tab for voice recordings inside each Thought where you can add recorded voice notes.

Similar how there is a Tag icon on Thoughts in PLEX have Voice icon that will either play right away if single voice message recorder or will show a list of all voice recordings similar to list when you have multiple files attached to note.

Also ability to link to each individual voice recording within Notes text editor (including voice messages recorded for another Thoughts).

Purpose of this feature sometimes brainstorming using TheBrain record voice message is preferred way of saving notes its faster than typing and does not distract as much.

Definitely +1

Thank you, @UserNT, for the good details on this feature request.

Another potential use case: voice notes could be very helpful, for a variety of different purposes, in shared brains.
> For example, voice notes could be marked private and made available as a special feature only to people with shared desktop access to a private email/synced brain.

Thanks for posting. FYI, I've tested writing notes in the Windows 10 voice dictation and everything seems to work fine. I like the idea of having a tag or button to quickly activate this feature that records an audio file. I'll document.

Thank you,

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