Often I am linking to a Parent that I am pretty sure exists. Let's say it is called "Business Partners". I pull up a parent link and start typing.  I type exactly the same thing, the drop down list refreshes and shows 1 and only 1 match (unless of course i had Business Partners - Europe or something). And i hit Return. Instead of getting the one that exactly matches, the Brain creates a new duplicate. It is frustrating and totally interrupts the flow.

I guess whether this is considered a bug or a feature request is a matter of perspective, but I hope you can make this change!!  

So if I type in a THought Name that exactly matches an existing Thought Name or Type, it links to the existing one, not create a new one.

Thank you,
Hi Rob,

Your request assumes that you will never want to create another thought with the same name as an existing thought, but that is often not the case. For this reason, it is necessary to select the existing thought that you want to link to. (FYI, you can push the down arrow to do this if you don't want to use the mouse.)

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