It would be most helpful if the Brain team were to publish (and periodically update) a new features road map.

I personally hate being in the dark about what they will or won't add to the product based on sincere requests made in the forum. I realize such a list would be quite dynamic, but at some point in software development you have to make a decision as to what to include/exclude within a specific timeframe - say quarterly, or if necessary each six months.

Any one else feel sadly in the dark about what new features the Brain will or won't have in the coming months/year?

I agree. A road map would be most helpful. Being relatively new to PB, I don't know what has already been discussed and planned to be in the works. I have a lot of ideas, but haven't suggested as they may have been considered but don't fit in the future strategy of PB. What would make it even better is if it were published as a brainzip so I could reference it frequently :-).

That would be nice.   As customers we would like to know if the trajectory of the product is not veering from one's own intended future use.  Or if there is any value in continuing to use it.  

However, how will they balance the need to be competitive and all that?  Its not a FOSS project.   How do other companies do it?
Perhaps they can give a list of our feature suggestions that they plan to include, while keeping quiet about any "extra cool stuff" they're planning that we specifically haven't specified on the boards.

This way, they can keep their secrecy about any huge up-and-coming things they have up their sleeves, but we can get a gauge on whether our requests are going to make it in.  After all, it's a public forum, so any competitor can come along and scrape our ideas, anyways.


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