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This would be incredibly useful to me. I'm (unlike most of you already here I'm sure) something of a gaming nerd/geek and would use this to plan my rpg-campaigns etc. It would also be pretty useful in my regular brain. 

I've worked quite a bit with the demo the last few days and gotten to know PB a lot more since I wrote the OP. I feel I might actually buy PB when the demo runs out (at least the Core version. I still feel the Pro version is way too expensive but might relent sooner or later since a few random features only exists there). 

I'm finally realizing how I can use Types/Tags and the different links (and link-types) to create something extremely useful. I'm used to mindmapping applications but they always get too big and become difficult to navigate. I also really, really like that a thought can have many parents. That makes everything much simpler for me. I haven't used file attachments all that much yet but it's also a big deal for me since I'll probably use lots of pictures and text documents (and icons). 

I'd still like to see a lot of the features I describe in the OP but I've learned to work around a few and others doesn't seem that important anymore.

The Timeline feature is something that has my 3 votes already for a long time.
It's an obvious killer-feature.

Another one I like a lot :
but as I commented there, I would only allow 1 Expanded View per Thought.
While activating thoughts in Expanded View Mode, the corresponding Expanded View would automatically be loaded.

And a last one :
Combine this with the automatically loading Expanded Views (in Expanded View Mode) and I'm a very happy camper 
Yeah, those are great feature suggestions too, Patrick. Have there been any enchancments to the expanded view functionality in v.6? More strict anchoring control would be a great addition.

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morbug wrote:
  • Being able to put checkboxes on thoughts and in notes.

In PB, we get checkboxes in notes 

The next step are the checkboxes on thoughts, although I guess this will be much harder to implement.
I personally like the way it is done in Novamind, where you have an automatic rollup of checkbox states from sub-topics (child-thoughts in case of PB) or a manual override.

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