Go from Brainstorming to Results
See the Possibilities
Capture Your Project Vision and 
Innovate More with Your Brain

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern Time
TheBrain is an ideal tool for organizing business and life events that involve many different information sets and possibilities. Ideas and innovation can transform companies and elevate efficiency to new levels. By seeing and exploring all possible outcomes, your Brain lets you take your ideas to the next level

This session will cover a wide range of example Brains as well as time saving tips that will help you put your best thinking forward.
Topics Covered Include:
  • Brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas
  • Visualizing project phases and requirements
  • Integrating disparate information resources
  • Using Thought Types and Tags for more focus and clarity
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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