Hi -
In this forum, I read about PB picking the file icon as per the association defined by the OS.
However, there must be more to it. Or does it?
Why is a different icon displayed within PB for e.g. jpg files than within Windows Explorer? See screenshot below.

Might this be somehow related to why PB does not find Firefox' icon for URL attachments anymore since I upgraded FF - even though I installed FF into the same directory and it still is my default browser?

I am aware that there have been many issues around icons in PB over time and mine is not a functionality issue. Howver, others might have this problem, too. See this post:

Any ideas... anyone?

- Ben

Click image for larger version - Name: Zwischenablage01.jpg, Views: 43, Size: 203.98 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Zwischenablage02.jpg, Views: 45, Size: 79.23 KB

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