Every time, I try to open my only base, I get an error window telling that "PersonalBrain 4 could not create or connect to the database."  See enclosed screenshot (1st file).

The output log hasn't been appended to this month, but I'm enclosing a zip-container anyhow (file 3).

For completeness I'm also enclosing the zipped .brain file (file 2).

My OS is Vista Business. 

The database is kept on a Kingston encrypted USB-device.  I have always made sure to close The Brain before asking Vista to free the device.  However, the last couple of days the "secure removal" function has reported that something was open against the USB device.  But as I couldn't see anything open that was related to the device, I pulled it out.  So I won't exclude that some hidden thread had something open on the USB thing and I has been violating the DB somehow.

Is it a flag in the .brain file which needs to be manipulated?  Or is the DB corrupt now?

Click image for larger version - Name: 13-07-2008_20-53-04.gif, Views: 81, Size: 7.62 KB
I am replying to my own issue as I have just discovered that the USB-device had run out of space.  So there is an obvious reason why the Brain DB may have been corrupted.

I have now cleaned up and reverted to a not too old backup copy and everything seems OK now.  Sorry to disturb with nothing.
FYI, version 4.5 takes precautions to ensure that problems related to running out of space are usually caught before they cause a problem.

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