A couple years ago, I posted in the forum requesting a file system import option that would treat all folders and files as thoughts, rather than the current approach, which treats folders as thoughts and files as attachments. At the time, Matt wrote:

The import option you've described would be difficult to implement.  If you are importing a folder that has many other sub-directories, Do .txt file and html, etc. all get converted to notes on the Folder's new Thought?  What if a folder has both a .txt AND a .html, or many different versions of the same .html file?  Or do these file types always get their OWN thought created when doing a folder import.  If so, how do we define what file types get note vs. attachment status, etc.  We'll discuss further internally.

Due to the lack of importing files as thoughts and the lack of native Markdown support, I stopped using TB several versions ago. Now that Markdown is being implemented in TB 11, I'm considering coming back, but the file system import approach is still a deal breaker. I have gigabytes of files in thousands of folders and it would take me months to manually convert all the attachments to thoughts. Therefore, I'm imploring you once again to take another look at this and consider implementing an alternate file system import method.

I don't understand why Matt described this as such a difficult task. I'm simply asking for a checkbox that when enabled, would import ALL files as thoughts. TB doesn't need to make any decisions about file types, file versions or any of that. 90% of the time, I want to import files as thoughts. There may be a few directories in which I want to import the files as attachments, but I can simply move those directories out of the main structure prior to doing the import. After the main import is done, I can then import each directory individually with the checkbox disabled.
Thank you for the added description. I'll make sure your request is documented.


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