In a 'normal' database, it would be possible to search using two search tems. Is that possible using TheBrain? For example, I have an item that is the child of a company and also a child of a town. If I have many towns where the company exists, can I search using the town and the company that will only show the results of items that come from a certain company and town? I have a feeling that this can be done in TheBrain, but I would like some help figuring it out.


You have a few different options.

First, it may be helpful in this scenario if you use the "coma trick" in your thought names.  This will give your thoughts more unique names. For example: if you have a thought called Illinois and a child thought called Springfield.  Try renaming the child thought to Springfield, Illinois.  When you are on the Illinois thought, the child thought will only appear as Springfield - even though the thought name is longer.  But, when doing a search, instead of getting back 10 or more Springfield results, you'll see:

Springfield, Illinois
Springfield, Ohio
Springfield, Massachusetts

Another option, is to go to a specific thought, perform the search and then click on UNDER ACTIVE in the Search results.  This way, you will only be seeing search results that are UNDER the current active thought, rather than the entire Brain.

Finally, in the Search Results tab, you'll have the ADVANCED SEARCH option.  this will allow you to filter by thought type, phrases, keywords, etc. 

Hope this helps,
Furthermore, if you use the comma trick mcaton discussed and you are using 4.5 you can type "s i" in the instant search and Springfield, Illinois will be returned. If you have a bunch of thoughts with words beginning with S and I in the title, you can go further typing "s ill" or "sprin Il" and it should return the thought you want to see.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
A new, time-saving enhancement to the comma trick in v4.5.0.6.  If your parent thought is called 'Acme', create a child thought named:

, Invoice

Don't bother retyping in 'Acme.'  The new thought will automatically insert the proper name for you: 'Acme, Invoice'.  Neat!


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