I've seen a few comments about filtering using thought and link types. Each thought and link can each be assigned exactly one type - therein is the disadvantage.

I propose an additional filtering mechanism using tags. At the moment a user can assign multiple tags to a thought (it would also be nice to do the same for links as well but that is another story). The end result is that each thought can be assigned multiple categories. Filtering can then be based on multiple categories being satisfied.

So to give an example...

I have thoughts for my children and their after-school activities, as well as my own.

Some thoughts would be tagged as "children education" and some thoughts as "children sport" and thoughts about my own sports would simply be tagged as "sport".

  • I want to see all thoughts about my kids so I tag filter on "children".
  • I want to see all thoughts on my children's sporting activities as well as my own so I tag filter on "sport".
  • If I want to see a subset of all sport thoughts such as my children’s but not my own so then I enhance the current filter by adding “children” to the current tag filter of “sport”.

I find it limiting to assign a single category to a thought using the Type functionality then being constrained to use this single category mechanism for filtering if this is indeed in the development pipeline.



I know they are working on fleshing out the tags feature, but I'm not sure that I've seen the request to allow filtering based on tags, which sounds very useful!
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I would like to expand on this topic.... I would like to see links have types & tags (I know they have types already - just don't want to lose that functionality).  Then expand the report functionality to allow filtering on multiple selects of thoughts, links... types & tags.

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