I would appreciate your help in solving the following problem:

I have structured number of thoughts as a PB thoughts scheme for one of my client. I expect to duplicate such scheme for other clients but do not want to do it manually each time. Using the copy paste or selection option works. However each time I do this I need to replace in the copied set of thoughts the name of an old client with the name of a new client manually. There is no find and replace function in the selection option.

Is there a way to apply the find and replace function in PB alike in word?

This functionality is of great importance to me in order to have consistency across my clients data.

Are there any solutions to solve this issue? Unfortunately I'm not very literate in the area of IT, so I need your help, please advise.

less is more
After you have copied your thoughts but before you paste them in the new brain, open the text editor of your choice and paste.
The xml thought information should be pasted into the document. Now you can use the replace function of the text editor to find all the old clients names and replace it with the new client's names.
When it's done, ctrl-a to select all, and copy. Then in the new brain, choose Edit > Paste Thoughts.

(As I'm sure you have figured out by now, there is currently no brain-wide find and replace function in PersonalBrain )

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
zenrain's suggestion works. I will suggest the following alternative.

Create and save the following string in a Note of a template thought.
Business Info, ;Personal Info, ;Legal, ;Personal Assignment, ;Reports, ;Work Done,
Make sure you get all the commas and semi-colons right in this string, including the trailing comma.

To create a new person, create a thought with the new person's name (e.g., Mr. Magoo). Make the new person's thought the active thought, and press F6 to create child thoughts. Paste the aforementioned string into the "Create Child" window and press Enter.

Voila! Six thoughts with the appropriate names will be created.

This method takes advantage of PB's "comma trick."

Hope this helps,
-- Sam
zenrain and SamCox

I have tried both methods and they work. Now I have two good solutions, thanks a lot guys.

less is more
One limitation to SamCox method is that it does not retain the thought attributes (type, tags, icons, attachments, etc). 


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