I'm just starting to build my understanding of TB, and there is one thing I can't seem to figure out.  In my brain I have a type of projects, and as you can guess, a bunch of projects with that type.  Each project is then assigned to a specific team that owns it.  The setup is a relatively simple setup as I just set the team as the parent for the project.

Here's my quandary.  I can easily view all projects by looking at the project type, and I can easily view the projects within a team by going to that team's thought.  However, at times I just want to see all my projects and their associated teams.  Is there a way to do something like this?  In a traditional view I would just want to see:

Team A
  • Project 1
  • Project 2
Team B
  • Project 3
  • Project 4

Maybe I'm just being too static as I can quickly move around TB.  Another way of looking at it is my teams can wind up with a lot of children besides the projects, so it can get busy.  Is there a way to filter a specific type within a thought and just see the projects within a team and hide everything else temporarily?

You could do this through tags. Create tags for each type. Be that group or team. Then you can just pull up that tag.

You can do tags in layers just like you wrote above. By using the tags, you can sort by any of them. Project 1, Team A, etc. To further layer it, you can do each in a different color and/or icon. You'll know at a glance who is in which project or which project has what team members. Below is mine for a brain I have as I search and prepare for my first reptile. Click image for larger version - Name: brain-tags.jpg, Views: 51, Size: 29.04 KB
Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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"I just want to see all my projects and their associated teams".  If that's all you want, and not "...all my teams, with their associated projects", you could also consider one-way links.

My work brain has a similar scenario:  our teams constantly change from project to project, but generally re-cycle the same people in different groupings.  I've handled this with tags in the past, but found that after a while my tag list was getting unwieldy.  My current approach is one-way links.  When I'm on a project, I see the relevant people - but when I'm on a person I don't get bogged down with dozens of projects that they've worked on.  As a probably-over-complicated extension of this, I experimented with typed links (e.g. a "Project Manager" link type).  It's then possible to search/report on the different team roles, but in reality I've never needed to use that so I should likely abandon it..

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