How to best go about finding thoughts which don't have any child thoughts at all?

I have a brain where the common denominator for thoughts that require additional work is the fact they are chidless.
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Hi Ruudhein,

TheBrain doesn't have a way to filter for all thoughts without children, you can only filter with thoughts without a parent (As i'm sure you know). I will submit a feature request for this. Thank you for your comment!


To make this complete:
Thoughts with and without jumps...
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+1 (with and without jumps)
How would this feature be used?
Is the idea to make sure that all Thoughts are linked to at least two other Thoughts, a Parent and a Child?
Or is it more about identifying recently-created Thoughts that require some additional linking?

FWIW, I have many Thoughts that don't have Child thoughts, and I have a few Jump thoughts with no Parent.
I would assume it would be something like
Thought: Contact X Company about the merger
Child: contact made 2/12/19 (contains notes on conversation)
Child: follow up discussion on 2/15

Thought: Contact Z Company about media blitz
(not done so child not created)

Being able to do a quick search for any thought without a child would reveal all of them that have not been done
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