In my main brain, there are several thoughts that can't be deleted. When I tried to delete them by shift-right-clicking, then choosing Delete, I got a error message (see the attached image). The PersonalBrain_Error_1.log file is also attached below.

I tried the following steps to resolve the issue, but no help:
1. Close PB;
2. Rename brain_db to brain_db_xxx;
3. Open PB;
4. Close PB;
5. Rename brain_db_backup to brain_db_backup_xxx;
6. Open PB;

Sorry, I can't send this brain to Support because it contains a lot of sensitive data. I tried to remove the sensitive data by copying brain to another folder, then deleting all other thoughts, thought types, link types, tags... but it seems there are still a lot of data in the database: brain_db is over 70MB, brain_db_backup is 1.15GB.
Click image for larger version - Name: error.png, Views: 155, Size: 25.52 KB

This is caused by some unneeded data that is in the database. The insertion of this data no longer happens, but the errors that result from it are still present. This will be resolved in the non-beta build of 5.5. Please forget these thoughts and then delete them when the release candidate of 5.5 comes out.

Thanks Harlan. That's good to know. And thank you too Dys, for your suggestions.
This kind of problem happened to me today. I posted the story here. It proved impossible to delete a thought and type in 5.5, but luckily i was able to delete them by opening the 5.0 version of the same Brain which I had brainzipped, and deleting them in PB 5.0. Then I upgraded my Brain again to 5.5 and had no further problems.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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