The floating notes window is a feature which TheBrain 8 has but TheBrain 9 does not have and it is very useful.

With the advent of Windows 10 the floating notes window functionality was broken by Microsoft with the screen scaling factor.  If the screen you dragged the notes window to was a different scale factor to the screen which TheBrain was open on then the system crashed.

But with the latest update to Windows 10 this problem has been solved, the user needs to set the 'Override High DPI scaling behaviour' in the Compatablity tab of the program properties and set the 'Scaling performed by' drop down to 'System' and everything works correctly.

I believe this crash was the reason the floating notes window functionality was left out of TheBrain 9 but now the problem is solved there is no reason not to include it.

Let us examine the reasoning :-

1. This bug was caused by screen scaling which was introduced by Windows 10 so anyone using a previous version of Windows will not be affected by it.

2. The updates for Windows 10 are mandatory so 99% of people using Windows 10 will have been updated to the fixed version.

3. The function has already been implemented in TheBrain 8 so a working example of the code already exists.

Having a floating notes window on a multi monitor system is incredibly useful so please consider this feature request.  The lack of this feature is the thing which is preventing me from transferring to TheBrain 9.

Please !!

Has anything been done about bringing back the Floating Notes Window ?

Is it even on the to-do list ?

The floating notes window is on our feature request list. As Harlan said "Has nothing to do with screen scaling". I will bring up the issue with our team again, to let them know there is continued interest in this feature.

Cheers, Sean

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