I've noticed that there's a couple of 'focus' issues related to filenames within the Thought window.  I'm using

Issue 1
When I select (single-click) a file, then click outside of the Thought window, the selected file is still highlighted.  So when I select the file again, TB goes into 'file rename' mode.  Here's a step-by-step:
1. Click once on a file name in the Thought window
2. Click within the Notes window, maybe even type something
3. Click once on the same file name that was previously selected.  At this point the file's name is in edit mode.

Issue 2
As soon as I press Enter to complete the process of renaming a file, the cursor jumps immediately to the Thought's name field and the following two conditions result:
(A) If I press F2 at this point, the Thought's name gets edited. 
(B) If I click on the file and press F2, the name doesn't go into edit mode.  To clear this condition I click somewhere else in the Thought window and then again on the file.
Here's a step-by-step:
1. Click on a file, press F2, type a new name, press Enter
2. The cursor should not be in the Thought's name field, so if you press F2 the Thought's name gets edited.
3. Click on the same file and then press F2.  Nothing happens.
4. Click elsewhere in the Thought window, and then again on the file.
5. Press F2 and the name is edited.



Thanks for posting.  The function you are describing in Issue 1 is intentional.  It is meant to function like windows explorer.  If you click on a file in explorer, leave that window and come back to it, the file is still selected and the next click initiates an edit.

Issue 2, however, appears to be a bug.  I was able to replicate it and have sent it over to the engineering team for review.




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