I would very much appreciate the ability to open a thought in a new tab and limit that tab to that thought and its children and jump linked nodes, i.e. exclude all thoughts that can only be reached through parent links. This limit should not just apply to the display of and navigation between thoughts, but more importantly to search results, report and timeline. If I use those features then I should only find thoughts reachable from the root thought of the new tab without using parent links from that root thought.

The reason for this is that I have several groups of thoughts (think projects) with similarly named thoughts, and now I have to be careful about which project a thought belongs to before using it.

Furthermore this feature would help focus on a given project without being distracted by things I know beforehand aren't relevant at the moment.

Of course I can create separate brains per project, but then I cannot share items common to multiple projects, which is also very valuable.

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