As far as I see, you can enter the thought details dialog (TDD) for the active thought by pressing Enter, Alt-Enter does the same here.
For any other, visible thought: just hover the mouse cursor over it, and press Alt+Enter, to get the TDD.

But: if you press just Enter on any non-active thought, you here a bell, and the focus is ... where? Only Ctrl-S seems to be the way out of this, all other keys are answered by a bell.

Together with the problem regarding the focus change on thoughts with multi-page PDF-attachments, it's a sort of a brake, stops or at least slows down fluent work.


It sounds like the focus has been set to the internal browser or PDF preview. Keyboard functionality that utilizes shared keys (arrows, enter, etc.) requires the focus to be set correctly or we risk misinterpreting commands meant for other things. Ctrl+S sets focus to search/plex, so yes this will resolve. You can also click on the plex or search box using the mouse to do the same thing.

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