I think it makes much more sense to follow the links by default with a click, rather than ctrl/alt+click.

It seems that you are going to want to see the information infinitely more often than you will have to change the text of that particular link, so it just makes it more complicated and interrupts the work flow.  It should work like a regular webpage that we are all used to - click = follow.  You can always right-click or use the ctrl/alt combo for a less frequent action.
Mac OS X 10.6
Java 1.6.0_15
I agree entirely. Some Windows applications such as TreePad gave the user a choice of selecting Click or Double-click to activate a hyperlink in a Note. WikidPad has two modes for its notes and you can rapidly toggle between them (by pressing Ctrl+Enter, as I recall). In the Edit mode you can edit the note and still be able to press Ctrl+click to activate a hyperlink. In the Browse mode the note is read-only, all formatting is applied (so the note is beautifully formatted) and you only need single-click the hyperlink to activate it, just as in a browser.

Still, several other applications also have a single mode where Ctrl+click is needed to activate the hyperlink, since Click merely highlights that word for the purposes of editing. I call this the lazy approach, since it makes one mode fit all, as well as suffering from the problem that accidentally editing the note while browsing or clicking the link could destroy data and render the link unusable.

I don't know whether the EditLive! Notes module built into PB is capable of operating in two modes. I suspect not, that it never will be, and that PB's designers won't have much luck in inflencing its developers to adopt this measure, so if you want an alternative solution, it would be best to attach documents created by some other hypertext editor to your Thoughts.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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