I've noticed in the last couple of betas that the notes panel mis-reports the font size of the text in the note. I use Arial 12 which is variously mis-reported as Arial 10pt or Arial 14pt depending on the note.

Also, there is still a big problem with the style sheet actually being reflected in the notes.

BUG: Unlike Windows, on Mac OS X, the template folder seems to still be overwritten when upgrading to new versions.


I've noticed that, too! I would copy text from a website at one size and it pastes in to Notes at a much smaller size... and as mentioned above, it would say 10pt Arial but appear as 8pt. The point sizes are not indicated correctly, at all.
We are working on this issue, thanks for your posts.

Karekin, starting with version 4071, templates on Mac OS will not get overwritten on upgrade. (You have to be using version 4071+ first - any upgrades installed after this will not overwrite templates.).


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