TB Version
Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina

Is there any way to alter the relative sizes of the fonts in the plex, specifically  the relative size of the fonts in the currently focused thought v.  it's children and parents?  ISTR that there was a way to do this in TB 8.

My problem is  a stupid one:  I keep typing stuff and adding attachments to the PARENTS of a thought instead of the thought itself.  It'd be nice if the fonts were different sizes so I could more easily recognize when I needed to click on a thought to focus it. 
@ratthing ~

TB team will have to speak to your specific font size request (I don't remember seeing an option like this in TB8) -- but, in the meantime, there's one quick preference setting change that might help with this visual recognition issue in TB11:
> Options > Preferences > Look & Feel > Thoughts > Show Label for Active Thought

Admittedly, this does require entering thought labels (and/or using thought types with default labels) -- but the presence of this visual label would automatically tell you exactly where to drop in your attachments, i.e., on the active thought, not on a parent or a child.
Font sizes in the plex can be scaled with the `Aa` button in the toolbar. But you are wanting to make the active thought a completely different size from surrounding thoughts - correct?  Are you getting the Active Thought vs. Parent thoughts confused because you are in Outline or Expanded view?


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