In PB3 when you forgot a thought the children of that thought would be moved up to be children of the forgotten thoughts parent. This was quite handy when you wanted to clean up duplicate thoughts and each thought had its own children. When there were multiple parents of the forgotten thought the user was given the option of selecting one of them. This all worked quite well.

In PB4 when you forget a thought that has children those children are left as orphens. There is no prompt to connect them with the forgotten thoughts parent.

Langley, BC

The behaviour for forgetting and deleting has been vastly simplified in PB4.


This is the result of removing the requirement of "full connectedness" throughout your Brain. IE you can unlink things without deleting them.


With the new multiple selection features, you can quite easily select a bunch of thoughts and relink them as appropriate.


We'll consider adding an "orphan detection" routine also.


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