trying out the brain and it's great as we all know, at least so far for me.

couple of issues-

1) updates were coming fairly regularly with even a mention of a v7.1 in the works, but for two months now there's been no sign of updates or bug fixes, in spite of many but report comments posted here with no resolution. is there a halt in development?

2) together with the above, there have been daily spams posted here and apparently there's no solution to keeping them out of the forum, with the spammers coming back every week. instead of support posts or update posts, i've been reading about "tragic deaths"... has the company downsized and there are not as many people attending to the board here?


We are still working on bug fixes and a updates for TheBrain.

Regarding the forum spam: Yes, we are aware of it and are checking on a daily basis to remove it/ban the posters and apologize if any of it offends or distracts you. We are currently in the process of finding a way to eliminate it altogether.

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