Please allow for more advanced reporting.
Allow fields to be subject to logic gates: And, Or, XOR ,Not, Nand, NOR, and XNOR.

Operators such as Greater than, less than.

Variables; especially for date time for relative quries; today, Today+-N_days, Natural langauge dates (next week, see php relative formats on how this can be accomplished); Counts of of various stats would be usefull as well; such as lines in the note section.

For example a useful report for me would be something like the following examples.

Thought type ("Waiting-for-response" OR "waiting for delivery") NAND event greater than today

tag "!Hot" AND date created less then "today minus 3"

((date "friday" AND has note lines count greater than 5) OR has tag !hot) AND is type "shopping list"

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