Anyone point me to an explicit list of which features are in which version?  I'm getting ready to buy but the Pro price is a bit daunting.  I had thought the menu indicators were enough to allow me to figure that out but I've found at least one core-only feature that the menu did not indicate as such.

Thanks for your patience.

Does this help?
That helps a whole lot :-).  Thanks.
Is it accurate that

"Multiple OS Support - license is valid for use by a single user on any two computers"

is only for the Pro version?  It implies that the core version may only be installed on a single computer and that (perhaps), you must choose the platform at time of purchase.
Greetings from SCOTLAND
I am an individual, not a company and would like to use PersonalBrain to assist me as I research and write the Stirling history.
Quite sometime ago I did download the free version and liked what it could do - as far as it went.  I would now like to purchase version 6 (or is it 5 with a free upgarde?).  However, I am unsure which of the two options to go for.  Should I buy PersonalBrain 5 Pro (around $250) or PersonalBrain 5 Core (around $150)?  I obviously don't need any business stuff but don't want to miss out on the things Pro has which would help me in my writings.  I'm really not sure what to do.  Please help me make the best decision for me.  I would be grateful for your advice. 

The money is not the issue  just want the correct product for my purposes. 
Sven, PersonalBrain Core is only valid on a single OS. You can still install on two computers but you must choose a single OS at the time of purchase.

Stirling, PersonalBrain Pro has all of the features of core plus much more. If you buy version 5, you get a free upgade to 6. As a writer, key features in Pro that you might miss are: multiple attachments per thought, spellcheck of thoughts and notes, and filtering of thoughts. Don't forget: if you go with Core, you can always upgrade to Pro later.

Welcome to the forum

If you intend to utilise PB for productivity, I would recommend going for the Pro version without hesitation. The categorisation of personal and business utility (if that's how core and pro are respectively presented) I would find mostly arbritrary when compared with the enormous leverage this tool can provide for organising your historical research.



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Dear Jim

Thanks for the prompt and helpful response.  
The Pro it is then.  
I have gone from  to .


I'm also leaning towards Pro.  Certainly the multiple OS support is nice.  I mainly use Mac, but Windows and Linux are common as well.  I will choose my second copy from either Windows or Linux.

Call me strange (most do), I also would enjoy an emotional investment in the product.  I've decided it's a brilliant piece of work and it is actually molding my patterns of knowledge retention.  Buying the pro version puts me fully in the game.

A serious disappointment with the pro version (from looking at the license exposed when opening the dmg on the mac), the exported website (a pro only feature), cannot be shared internally on a private LAN's website without specific further licensing.  It seems like a fair use violation.  I'll have to mail the export around to share my thoughts with colleagues.  That's downright silly.  Perhaps the desire is to push a sale of the enterprise version of the product.  But hey, we're a 5 person company - that ain't gonna happen.

This negative is counter-balanced by a fantastically ethical practice.  The upgrade from core to pro cost precisely the same as the incremental price from the initial purchase.  I have so much respect for this lack of hard sell tactics.

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