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And let me know if you are a connectionist or reductionist....

Hi Shelley,

great post, lots of good thoughts in there, I have bookmarked it to digest it in detail when I have the time.
Also from my own experience, I agree about the 'linking-strategy': initially I used to worry a lot about the right 'design-decisions' when linking stuff, but I also came to the conclusion that (with a few exceptions, of course) it generally doesn't matter so much if A is parent of B or vice-versa - the important thing is to have them connected!
And the ease of connecting & changing connections almost turns all 'design-dicsussions' into a waste of time

Thanks for the inspiration


Definitely a connectionist.

I've been using my Brain for nearly 3 years now (effectively using it for the past year), and credit it with much of my professional success.

Recently, my Supervisor was discussing the people I manage and the projects I coordinate with someone visiting our office.

Her comment: "John has an unusual skill-set that enables him to see connections that others often can't."

I credit much of that to some changes I've made in my thinking, and the tools that have helped me make those changes--with PersonalBrain being the primary tool.

I've always prided myself on being able to "think outside the box," but now I actually can move beyond theoretical thinking to a connective thinking process that enables me to share a systematic vision with others, as I lead them through the connective process.

We're discovering links previously unseen, new priorities to focus on, and trends to watch out for that are keeping us ahead of the curve.

Great article Shelley!

John A. Taylor
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I'm a hybrid. I'm still using reductionism in a lot of cases (maybe just old habits are hard to break), but connectionism is creeping in more and more, adding far more usability and a broadness that reductionism simply can't handle.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I'm a specialist by personality, so I generally immerse myself in certain areas and expand as much as I can. At some point, it generally lends itself or points me to a new area, and then the process begins again...
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TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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