TB have always presented TB as a solution for writing. With the new markdown notes editor, writing has become a bigger joy and taking less effort in TB, and the markdown formatting makes it easy to send content from notes to a publishing tool.

What I miss, and what I would like to do is to combine Notes field content of several thoughts into one, a kind of merger option to create one publication. For example, if I have a Thought for a Chapter X of a publication I am working on, and this Thought has three child Thoughts each with text content in the notes field, I wish I could aggregate the notes field content of the siblings into one text at the parent level.

This option could be realized in TB? Or in connecting with a markdown writing tool such as Ulysses?
At this moment, I can create and embed Ulysses files in TB thoughts. I can even open those files directly through Ulysses, however, if I would recombine the files into aggregated files for chapters and publications, it breaks the link with TB.
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