Just copying the post I published on the "New Features" section to the "9 Preview Release" - as recommended . No need to respond, Patrick.
I use The Brain to collect and classify information from the Web - companies, people, and products, for example, that are relevant for my work. Version 8 had some functionality, but it wasn't enough when I used it - one of the reasons I gave up on The Brain.

Using the integrated web browser, we should have the option to extract automatically, classify and store information from the Web - like DevonThink does (DevonThink offers extensions for popular Web Browsers like Safari and Chrome but I am not even asking for that).

Let's imagine we browse a company using the embedded browser:
We press a button and The Brain will:

- Create a Thought automatically populating the link to the parent thought.
- Create a suggested thought name by interpreting the URL - strip http://www. and . com to get Microsoft.
- Create the Icon
- Create a description using the web page description
- Create an attachment with the Web Page content on the creation date. Add a second attachment with the "current" web page content that could be refreshed on demand.
- Provide the option to select links from the home page that should be stored as child - like "About" or "Products" or "Contact Us".
- Allow for Type and Tag classification in an easy way.

For particular websites, the system should be able to collect metadata automatically. Naming only the two most important sites: 

- From LinkedIn, TB should be able to create Person, Companies and Groups Thoughts with fields such as name, role, company name or group name, company logo, person photo. 

- Same thing from Facebook.

When we are storing news or blog posts, for example, The Brain should recognize the URL and offer to create a link to a parent Thought.

For instance, we create a Thought for The Brain Forum. 

Later, we see in the forum a post with a feature request and press the button to store and classify it in the brain. The tool will read the URL and understand that a Parent thought already exists (it is the Forum Thought we created before) and offer to create a link from this new post to the existing Thought.

This is useful if we want to add thoughts to reference new products, new blog posts with relevant information, ..., and keep them organized without forcing the users to do the hard work of looking for the parent thoughts and classify everything manually.

We should also have a thumbnail visualization of the page when we hover a web page Thought, big enough to let the user decide if he wants to open it.

Sorry for the long post. Guess I have high expectations (again) for The Brain... let's see how long it lasts.

Joao Tapadinhas

This is really interesting, thanks for the post Joao.

I particularly like the static and dynamic webpages! Maybe this could lead to a "grab current version of page" function to get another static version attachment (dated)?

By embedded browser you mean the one in TB? I never use that for general browsing... I think I'd far prefer something like what Trello have done where you can do it all in your standard browser. I'm constantly dragging webpages into my brain, so it would be a huge help for me!

It would be interesting to have a plug-in system that would accept parsing definitions that could be used to extract the required information... that way it's open ended and anyone could write a new one [smile]
The best solution would be to have extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers but that would mean a lot of effort for the TB team.

I would be glad to use an embedded browser in TB even if I had to copy-paste the URLs, to get access to the web capture capabilities.
I'm sure there are better solutions out there for taking a "snap shot" of a web page. But here is this one. [biggrin]

Download Zotero which has a nice plugin for chrome, firefox and Safari that can fully "snap shot" the webpage at that time to a local database. Which also catalogs and most of the time grabs the metadata. These snapshot of the webpage can be loaded into a browser via the "doubleclick" method. :-) Which in turn can be linked to TheBrain. Zotero does not have to be running you pull up the snapshot. The URL will look something like this "file:///C:/Users/UserName/AppData/Roaming/Zotero/Zotero/Profiles/lifm0vcv.default/zotero/storage/MSBDDR6Z/263202.html"

Happy Zotero-ing and good luck!


Hi jtmusky,
thanks for the suggestion. I tried it before. Yes, I can capture content with Zotero and many other tools in the market such as:

but those tools don't offer the capabilities that TB has for content linking.

If I need to go somewhere else to capture and store the content, there's no point on using TB - it would be too cumbersome to capture, index and then search/explore content.

Just wanted to chime in even thought I responded to the original post. This is all great and will be looked into. Browser extensions are definitely something we have discussed here and are still on the radar. [wink]

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