for some months now, I experience a strange issue with TheBrain 7 on Mac OSX. As you can see in the attached screen capture, the window is kind of frozen or does not redraw, so it looks really messy. Everything reacts as usual, it's just a graphical issue. Also, the background-image does not render.

The bug happens unexpected, mostly when TB is open for a few hours and I reopen the window to look something up. After restarting TB everything is normal again. My Brain (which I use most of the time) counts like 5000 thoughts now, if this helps in some way. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact, that I'm using a retina display in synch with a normal Cinema Display monitor and sometimes shift TB back and forth between the two.

Mac Book Pro Retina
2,3 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB DDR3 memory
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB
OS X 10.8.4
TheBrain 7 Pro (newest update)
Java 1.6.0_51 64-bit running

Thanks for your help!
- Peter Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto_2013-07-12_um_17.34.33.png, Views: 155, Size: 226.20 KB

Can you please try this:


1. Close any instance of TheBrain or PersonalBrain you may have running.


2. Open Terminal


3. Copy and Paste this (one line at a time):


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE


    killall Finder


4. Navigate to: (/Users/YOURUSERNAME/)


5. Delete any .PersonalBrain folder if one exists and you are no longer using or no longer have PersonalBrain 6 or lower installed.


6. Navigate to: (/Users/YOURUSERNAME/.TheBrain)


    Another way of getting to this folder is by right-clicking on a Thought in your Brain and selecting 'Add Attachment' then 'Templates...'. This will prompt you to open the folder associated with Templates. Select 'Yes' and the folder will open. Navigate one level up in the folder structure and you will be in the .TheBrain folder.


7. Move any .xml and .bak preferences files to your Trash.
** Please Note that this will remove your current preferences so you will need to log in to TheBrain application again and manually open your local Brains by navigating to: File > Open Brain...


8. Empty your Trash


Once these steps have been completed please try restarting TheBrain.



If you wish to hide hidden files again:


1. Open Terminal


2. Copy and Paste this (one line at a time):


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE


    killall Finder



If you are still having trouble after this, please let me know.

hi pthompson,

thanks for the help. I tried, but the bug is still happening. :/ Usually I have my Brain open all day long, move it around my two screens (Retina and normal flatscreen) and resize it to my needs. Maybe it has something to do with it?

Does this only happen with a certain Brain or any Brain?
Hello Patrick,

it happens with every Brain after I leave it open for a few hours.
This is also an issue that no longer occurs to me with the new version of TheBrain. Thank you for fixing it! (consciously or not [biggrin])

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