I'm out of votes, but I could really use this feature.

Currently, I'm running the same PB file from two locations. The file has grown to big for my USB thumb drive, so I've started brainziping it, then uploading it to my webserver with ftp. Obviously, this is a multi-step process, and several times I've gone out the door without creating and uploading the latest brainzip.

<Idea> Open and save to Brainzip over FTP</Idea>

Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
Based on veiled remarks in .. 2007, I think, I still expect Harlan to one day pull (remote) syncing out of his hat.

Moving gigs of data back and forth based on two bits of changed data is ... odd
I'm very much hoping for the sync, too. But meanwhile, you can already save to FTP - directly from PB! Using the NetDrive-Tool (from Novell), you can map a drive-letter to a FTP-Path...and have PB create the BrainZip there.


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