Hi, I am struggling with the following:<br><br>- emails must be copied to PB one by one (neither the whole folder nor bunch of selected emails)<br>- the PB search includes only headers not the body of the outlook message<br>- MS Word files moved into the PB can not be searched for content (PB found 1 instance of required keyword while Copernic 6)<br><br>I supposed PB could be "the one" information manager but I still have to use Copernic for Outlook/file content search.<br><br>I must be doing something terribly wrong, otherwise PB is just tool for showing graphical relationships?<br><br>Please advice.<br>Thank you very much.<br>
I have come to see PB as a tool with a lovely visual front end - a hybrid mind mapper / concept mapper that, while having some really great info management features (indexing web pages even though they are stored as links/bookmarks for example) - falls very short of being a single place where you can store, manage, locate, and slice and dice your data from different perspectives. No other graphical "information" managers meet this greater need either - to be able to "dump" all your files, documents, web pages, emails, contacts, tasks etc - and be able to make sense of the complex relationships between all those items, and take control of all the actions arising out of all that data.

UltraRecall is to me, the most sophisticated product for really managing all your stuff, and managing all the actions arising - it has too many great features to describe here.

Personal Brain can perhaps be put to good use to add a graphical interface to Ultrarecall (Ultrarecall provides URL's (URI's) to its internal Items - so you can paste these as Web attachments to Thoughts).

I hope it is the case the the PB development team have spent all this time on ensuring the nice GUI and the underlying database engine are up to the job of doing a lot more with this nice, but basic information management capability.

I think there is really a big gap in the market for a graphical tool that's as lovely to look at as PB, yet as powerful in managing information and actions as UltraRecall...

The PB team won't publish a road map - so for now I invest very little time using it - as I have no idea what direction its going in - and indeed whether it might "stall" like with PB 3 just at the point where it could have got really interesting.

thank you for the reply and the suggestion - will try it right now.

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