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It's still to early in the day for cocktails but "Cheers"

Thank you for listening... I can't speak for my fellow Sitebrainers but I'm sure PB links will be on our sites. It's a fantastic product and this move has once again motivated me to let others know that this is a must have in any workflow.

Thanx again for listening

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I'm going to make sure that each of my site brains has a though about the brain software and a link to your site.  Not on each page, but somewhere that the site visitor can find it if they want to.

A "Credits" jump thought attached to the home thought would be just right for this. Good idea!
-- Sam
great news, can someone share these instructions for logo removal, instead of us all sending an email to support
It's been about one year and a half since I started this thread after buying the professional license for PB. My disappointment with the SB export function speaks clearly from my first mail.

After the way my objections were handled by support I decided to skip my ideas about using this software for some authoring work. The arrogance I met - mainly by not replying on any of my questions - was later echoed by other users as I read here.

Althought a learning period of one year and a half is not exactly customer friendly I must say that I am very glad the option I was looking for in 2007 is finally added in the new version of PB.

Although I think I still will have to solve some other problems I had with exporting brains to the web I may be looking into picking up the idea I had then to produce a dynamic version of the static pilot I published in 2007.

I wonder if a reaction period of one year and a half is worth complimenting?

I strongly support making logos on SiteBrains optional.  As many pointed out in this thread, PB's current policy is 'forced and intrusive' advertising.  This is a shame, because just about all of us users will gladly promote the product because it is really cool.  In fact, when I showed my PB in a meeting as part of a presentation (not to sell it, but just using it!), many of my audience asked me what that cool product was.

So, PB business folks need not worry they'll lose advertising.  My advice to them is, stop following outdated advertising practices, get with the whole 'voluntary social networking / advertising' paradigm and you'll have a loyal user base.

More information on this here:

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I'm currently evaluating v5 and this is most definately a no no. V3 trough v4 wasn't good enough for me I'm definately not going to pay $249 to advertise tb's logo on my website.

I also got no response to my questions in the past.

Something else in the fine print I missed in my enthousiasme to use the software? Did I maybe agree to let TB use any part of any content I publish?

Software that is looking too good to be true, probably is.

Well let me be blunt: TB i don't trust you.

In the link I posted above it says that the logo will be optional in the forthcoming version 5.1.

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