The Power of Many
The Power of Many!
Publishing, Sharing
and Collaborating in
Your TeamBrain
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
11:00 am Pacific Time, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
“An idea is not a single thing.  It’s more like a swarm.”

Steven Johnson - Where Good Ideas Come From

Innovation and progress happen when ideas collide and connections are made. By building the right context for collaboration you’re fertilizing and cultivating your own idea network - a place where ideas germinate and breakthroughs happen naturally.

This webinar focuses on how you can extend your Thought network to groups of people and collectively build a Brain.

In this webinar we’ll cover how to:
  • Synchronize Brains through secure cloud services for multiple machine access or many users
  • Create and publish your Brain online for large audiences
  • Manage Brains for multiple users, add group members and track changes
  • Visualize business processes and ideas so key strategy is seen by everyone
  • Save time and reduce meetings with collective knowledge networks

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