I may be the only report on this subject, because I do a lot of text structured like coding.

If you create a bunch of test thoughts using brackets [wordphrase], braces {wordphrase}, and parens (wordphrase),
And you search on the word or phrase inside, you get very poor results.

If you search on "word" - although you should have three hits, you will only have one.
In this case you will only be able to find (wordphrase)
This I think is pretty sure to be a problem with the search algo - not sure what you can do about it.
Not really a great work-around, but it forces me to do this: { wordphrase }

Another problem with search that might be a matter of fine-tuning configuration (?)
If you search on "phrase" - you should again have 3 hits, you will not have any. ("no matches")
I cannot make any assumptions about the pro version as I am expired on subscription for other reasons.
But if possible I would like to be able to find word fragments.  Any chance of that?  I think that is very important.

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