I've rewritten this post three times based on more testing.  I thought the problem was a particular shortened URLs but it's not.  It's all links to Webbrains as far as I can tell.  Here's one example: 


When I copy and past the full URL or the short URL into my Powerpoint, everything is fine. There are two links to Brains in the shot below.  

When I click in the PPT on either the long URL or the short URLs for the Brains I get this message:


When I click on the short or long URLs from the Google page itself, no problem opening the Brains. When I type the URLs into the browser, no problem.  Only when I click on the short or long URLs (or open the hyperlink) in the PPT itself is there a problem.  When I convert the PPT to a PDF and click on the URLs the Brains open no problem.  When I copy that very same short URL from the PPT to an email, the Brain opens no problem.  ONLY when trying to access the Brain from within the PPT is there a problem.  All the other URL and short URL links to websites and YouTube function from within the PPT just fine. 

Anyone familiar with something odd between PowerPoint, URLs, and Webbrain?  

Mark  Current Java. 

This is very interesting.  I've been able to replicate this issue with links coming from PPT as you have described.  I'll share this with the engineers to see if there is any light they can shed on the problem.

This problem disappeared for quite a while.  This morning I'm unable to access Webbrain links from within Word files, even though they work when in a web page.  


TB Windows 10
Thanks for the update Mark. We'll do some more testing on our end and have our engineers look into this.

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