I'm a climate change analyst/researcher/speaker/author, and have grappled for many years with the challenge of being able to present very different kinds of information to different audiences based on what they are looking to learn.  My Climate Risk Brain is now my primary research and presentation tool.   It contains thousands of thoughts, most of them accompanied by a thought icon that pops up into a large image on the screen, containing a graphic, or a snagged block of text, or a PPT slide, or whatever.  The thoughts are linked to the original source material, as well as to a master list of questions that can be answered from the brain.  For presentations, I select those thoughts that are most useful and then simply show those in the presentation.  You can see one of my nascent efforts to use the brain on youtube at 
But I'm changing my approach, and will put together a series of 5-minute videos on small topics.   But I've finally gotten comfortable with using the Brain as my primary presentation tool, and am continuing to build it out.  It's at 3.8 GB and counting.  
Thank you Dr. Trexler, for posting your presentation. Certainly a lot of information there.  I followed the link to the YouTube presentation and hoped I would find some more information, particularly in regard to the current drought in U.S., and the Greenland glaciers, but didn't.

I wonder if there is possibility of making some portions of your climate change brain available on TheBrain public server.

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