I am new to TheBrain, using the pro version 10 on Mac Catalina.There have been a number of hiccups that mostly come down to lack of intuition, so I'm hoping that is the same case here.

I successfully was able to navigate past the "unsafe" message from Google when Adding my Google account to the brain. However, while new events on my calendar in the brain sync with my Google calendar, my Google calendar has not synced with the brain at all. 

What I wonder is if Google has instituted some new checkbox in its settings which I am lacking at this point in order to enable the brain to fully access the content of my calendar. I would appreciate any help fully on board into TheBrain as I have tried many many programs for information management and nothing that I have ever found comes close in utility to what you are Providing in this app.
Also, if you are able, I see some outdated info about forwarding emails to theBrain, but I cant find any simple solution in v10. This is to integrate the app Braintoss, which is isvaluable for quick capture

Hi there,

I believe I corresponded with you further on this issue in a support ticket submitted. As you may have noticed from other threads and reports, the Google Calendar sync has not been entirely reliable with sync updates, and sometimes needs to be reconnected to receive an update sync. 

However, I've added this thread to the open ticket associated with this issue. 

Regarding the forwarding emails issue, I'm not quite sure what is meant by 'forwarding emails to theBrain'. Can you elaborate on this for me?



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