I use The Brain as a graph database lite because its UI is so incredibly good.  It is very easy to navigate complex data sets. There are a few things I'd like to suggest that would make my use case a bit easier.

1. Import/Export Formats. Add support for CSV and graphml. I was able to reverse engineer the JSON format to mostly do what I wanted but I think graphml  would be much easier and a natural fit for the The Brain.

2. Enhanced query and display filtering. It would be helpful to be able to query The Brain using some kind of query language. For example, show me all nodes that are of type X and have tag Y.  It would display just these nodes (likely not all would be linked). If I could then export the query results as CSV or graphml that would be a bonus.  Also, some mechanism to control which linked nodes are included (e.g., nodes related by one jump, by two jumps, etc.) would be nice.

3. Import linked nodes. Sometimes I need to import data that links (usually via jumps) with existing nodes.  It would be helpful if there were some way of doing this. 

I don't know if my particular use case is common or not but thought I'd make a few suggestions in any event.

Thank you.
FWIW, options #2 and #3 above would be very helpful to me, as well.
I wish Import syntax could handle anything that can be done manually. deleting existing thoughts, labeling lines, assigning icons...

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