Although I have made extensive preparations to actually use PB (Including the use of thought graphics and timing of thought animation) as the presentation tool, I have not actually carried through on this. PB is such a great way to organize thoughts that it is a natural tool for preparing presentations.
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
PersonalBrain is a great presentation tool that gets people's attention for public speaking. We've had alot of positive feedback on this application.  For instance, Errolson Hugh a sportswear designer based in Berlin, used his PersonalBrian at last year's Volvo sports design forum utilizing his own Brain to communicate his projects.  The nice thing about it is that you can change things on the fly. So if someone has a new idea or you want to map out Q/A etc you can do this in realtime... 

Hi Shelly,
I have a suggestion that is potentially extremely profitable for your company. I am sure you have already considered this.
Creating presentations using the brain like we are doing-
- and then allowing for PROCESS MAPPING (which is a related keyword concept used to find your website) could be integrated with SCORM learning systems to allow the brain to be a standardized Learning System.
This would allow a revolution in educational process management for two reasons:
1. You can both create and publish a process map dynamically and throughout a network of students. This can be done by allowing the presentation to become the learning path. (SCORM). (woah!)
2. You can publish this process to a private members are in two ways, right?

Your students can have a brain license and import your brain.
The organization that has purchased the license can share the brain courses and presentations via an html file in a private members area. (requires html license for publishing the brain to students).
Is that the way it is currently licensed? ; - )
Thanks for the chat on the phone.
We need to speak again privately.
- Russell

Using the Brain for SCORM is an interesting idea. Especially if your subject matter or outline is complex. With PersonalBrain 4.0 export capability its really easy to share your Brain now. There are two options, the plex or animated view or a more conventional outline view. I will explore this further.


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