Hi all,

looking into generating some xml with attachments and the like. As i'd like to copy those into the appropriate brain folder, i was wondering if there's a best pratice on creating guids for inclusion in PB. So far i've been working with the "!name"-convention that guarantees that PB will create a new guid at that place in the xml.

But now i would like to:

- generate a guid for the thought to be included that is unique to all my brains called e.g. GUID (where GUID is meant to be a guid-format),

- create a folder called GUID underneath Files/ in the brain's folder

- copy attachments into it and

- generating the corresponding xml for inclusion into PB.

Any thoughts on this? Can I simple generate a guid w/ standard libraries/ algos and that's it?



ps: if anyone knows how to get shift-Enter (br instead of p w/i the forum editor) to work under mac, i'd appreciate. took me an hour alone to figure out a consistent pg-up|down/home/end use w/i vim under terminal. talking usability, the mac keyboard/std inputrc is a joke..

-- ( on Mac OS X 10.12.6
   Old enough to remember Natrificial times...
Yes, I did exactly the same thing using AHK for windows. I called a .dll to create a GUID so I could link attachments, notes, and the like to a thought that was created within the same script. However that was pre 5.5, and I had the time to update it to compensate for the revised XML structure.

My Mac understanding is much more basic at the moment. Would you share what you come up with?
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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