Hacking TheBrain: A No-Brainer For iOS

I am a newbie on this forum and don't know (yet) all the do's and don'ts. So forgive me if I break some rule.

I wrote an article about Personal Brain on my blog to enthusiasm my readers in trying Persol Brain on their iDevices, the app relatively unknown by iOS-users.

By offering them useful tips and tricks, I hope the will forgive the bad performance off the app.
I found some tips on this forum by Zenrain and some are discovered my myself by trial and error. Feel free to add some more.
You find the text of the blogpost here (Markdown).

# [Hacking TheBrain: A No-Brainer For iOS][1]

## Organize and Find Everything the Way You Think

[TheBrain]( is an amazing tool for GTD, mind mapping, teamwork, digital memory, brainstorming and so on. It differs from its competitors in some striking components:

- TheBrain has three ways to interlink *thought*: Parents, Childs and Jumps. In this way you can create *three-dimensional* Brains with unlimited thoughts;
- It is free of distraction, by his way of presentation. Play with my [example]( ) to understand this unique feature;
- You can attach URL's, Photos, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Styles, Colours, Text and Tags to *Thoughts*;
- You have *full text retrieval* in an automated database;
- Cross Platform: Mac, Windows, UNIX and iOS;
- WebAccess via the Browser and WebBrain (CloudSync);
- Its free for personal use (Limited Edition).

I have been using TheBrain for more than 15 years on Windows, but the possibility to use it on an iPad is big fun! Not only to view my Personal Brains, but also to create them in iOS.
[Here]( you can see what I recently created on my iPad with the help of a bookmarklet en some hacks.
I hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. If you have any questions, I'm [here](http:/ to help you.

## How to hack TheBrain?

On my iPad Pro I use the bookmarklet of TheBrain to capture the URL from the webpage to the Inbox. That works pretty well, though the iOS App it-selves has regularly hiccups (it freezes), despite the internal 4GB memory.
Restarting the app will solve the problem, but is time consuming. The support team told me the engineers are thinking of integration with iOS 9.3 Share Sheet.

Fortunately there are workflows to enhance the use of the Inbox:

## 1. A Drafts 4 Action

To capture the URL of an App, you open the App in the App Store and copy the link via the Share Sheet. The result looks like this:

> Drafts 4 - Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere!' van Agile Tortoise

Paste the results in [Drafts](, edit (shorten) the first line (title) and trigger the action "Post to TheBrain". You can download the action [here](x-drafts4://x-callback-url/import_action?v=2&tintColor=%5B%0A%20%200.451%2C%0A%20%200.29%2C%0A%20%200.553%0A%5D&shouldConfirm=0&logLevel=1&uuid=0002857E-9329-4E13-9DB9-FCC49D340071&disposition=3&actionSteps=%5B%0A%20%20%7B%0A%20%20%20%20%22actionStepType%22%20%3A%20%22URL%22%2C%0A%20%20%20%20%22urlTemplate%22%20%3A%20%22brain%3A%5C%2F%5C%2Fapp%5C%2Fapi%5C%2Finbox%3Furl%3D%5B%5Bbody%5D%5D%26title%3D%5B%5Btitle%5D%5D%22%2C%0A%20%20%20%20%22useSafariViewController%22%20%3A%20false%2C%0A%20%20%20%20%22encodeTags%22%20%3A%20true%0A%20%20%7D%0A%5D&description=Description%20of%20thought%20in%201st%20line%20%28title%29%0A%0APaste%20URL%20from%20app%20download%20in%202nd%20line&modifiedAt=2016-03-17%2018%3A51%3A31%20%2B0000&name=Post%20to%20TheBrain&iconImageName=action_yingyang).

Text and URL will be parsed into your Inbox.

## 2. Adding more file types to your Inbox

I had no problems with attaching Photos or PDF-files to the Inbox, but Word-documents were refused. The Brain Support is still working on this omission in iOS 9.3.
I discovered a workaround via [Workflow](, the *Swiss Army Knife* for automation iOS.

If you want to attach other type files to your thoughts (I tested .doc, .docx, .epub, .txt, .xls and .ppt) you have to parse their *Direct Download Links* from Dropbox into a Workflow that you can download [here](
The file will be opened in Safari, where you can use the [bookmarklet](javascript:window.location='brain://app/api/inbox?url='+escape(document.location)+'&title='+escape(document.title);) to parse the URL into the Inbox.
Very handy if you want to have your books and notes in your Personal Brain.

## 3. Mr.Reader

If you want to attach an URL directly from RSS, [Mr.Reader]( is your way to go. I found this hack on [The Brain Forums](, by Alex Zenrain.
> You can use the following code to create a custom App services to send the Title and the URL to TheBrain:

> Code: brain://app/api/inbox?url={[URL]}&title={[TITLE]}

## 4. Linking YouTube Video's
This is not a hack, but just a demonstration of the power of the bookmarklet of TheBrain. Open a video in your browser (Safari) and hit the bookmarklet,. preferably in your Favorites Bar.
It will parse the link into your Inbox, with a nice YouTube icon.

## Quick hack by Zenrain
>Did you know you can add tags and thought types to thoughts in the iOS app?
To do so, activate the thought you want to add the type or tag to and then click the + button to create a thought. Change the link to parent, and then type the name of the Thought Type or Tag. Select it from the list of matching thoughts and voilà, your thought now has that type (or tag).

#N.B. To show them in your list, you first have to add your Thought Types and Tags through your PC or Mac. Give them an unique name, so you will easy recognize them.

Enjoy your Personal Brain!

© Frank van Exter


Thanks for posting the blog article and sharing here.

First, in response to the app freezing when using the inbox feature, we're aware of this issue and hope to have a fix available soon.

Also, the iOS app will be completely overhauled with the release of TheBrain 9.  So we hope to add more features and capabilities to the app in the very near future.

Thank you,
Nice article, thanks for sharing!

It looks like you use Workflow and Drafts. If you haven't already seen it, I've posted a workflow here which will work from either the share sheet or today view (the pulldown). In addition to sending the URL to TheBrain it copies the article name to the clipboard, so when you add the thought you don't have to type the name in (one of my pet peeves). 

Also, here's a Drafts 4 workflow that does the same thing - assuming you have the Capture Web Template set to:

It also copies the article title to the clipboard and makes the clipboard title case.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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