If a plex has many pins and/or some of the pins/thoughts have long names, then eventually the full names of the pins no longer fit onto the single line at the top of the plex (and the names of the pins get truncated). It would be great if there was an option to use more than one line to display the pins, certainly at least over two lines.
I support the suggestion, but here's a workaround. 
  • Create a Tag called "Pin Tag" or similar.
  • Double-click on it in the Tags tool to show it in the Plex.
  • Pin it as a tag thought.
Now when you tag a thought as "Pin Tag", it becomes accessible via that node in the pin area, as a secondary, two-click shortcut.

dyslucksia wrote:
3) Even thought you can pin a thought up by dragging it to the bar, you can't unpin a thought by dragging it down. If you try this, it will try to make itself a parent or jump thought of the active thought, so you're in for a repair session.  This is so counterintuitive that obviously the boys didn't think far enough ahead when they designed that one. It would have been safer to have made it impossible to move a thought off the bar once it is up there, except by selecting Remove Pin in the pinned thought's context menu.

That's for usability. In normal mode (the original mode), you'd "probably" meant to make the pinned thought you are dragging a parent/child, rather then remove the pin. They are meant as "favorite thoughts", after all (jumping to and linking to).
You know that your past thought chain is also usable for linking from thoughts in the plex, correct?

Pinned thoughts are "favorite thoughts" and "hot thoughts". I understand the activity you are doing ("hot thought"), but I wonder why you are having to go searching so often in your plex to make these links. Why not just create the link directly by using the "Create Thought" box? Is it you aren't sure of the thought name? If you are working with the same set of thought hubs in a brain, you may want to consider just making those thoughts "pinned", and then you can link whatever you need to your hubs (and then later put them in the proper sub tree of that hub, if needed). I find that sort of thing useful when doing a lot of thought creation or mass linking.
Not sure if this helps, but I remember doing a lot of finding a thought, activating it, going back to my previous thought, and dragging to link when I first started using PB.

Then I read about the thought list on the Create Thought prompt. Now, as Darkstar mentioned, my workflow is from the current thought I hit either F6 (child), F7 (parent), or F8 (jump), type the first few letters of the thought, arrow down to select the thought and then hit enter. Done.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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