1. Add a checkbox to a line of text
  2. Set that line of text to Title | Heading | Sub-heading | Code
  3. Checkbox remains
  4. Checkbox is functional
  5. Checkbox can not be toggled off
Screenshot - 15_04_2016 , 12_34_08 AM.png

Not sure which bit is the bug and which is the feature?

But I like being able to add checkboxes to text formats other than Normal, it's just to remove it you have to remove the formatting first (then apply it again I guess).

Edit: The Checkboxes are not removable after changing the text to Normal! They're there forever...

Edit2: Well not forever... you can convert them to list (unordered or ordered)... but not non-list....
Thanks for sharing.  I'll file a report for this issue.


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