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Rob2050 wrote: Why do you even need the .numbers? Won't they show up in order anyway (mine sort alpha, but maybe yours is set differently)?

I have the same question. Still not sure why the hidden numbers (dates) are needed.

Andreas, are your thoughts ordered by type -- and is this why you're using hidden dates?

Even so, wouldn't the type ordered thoughts still display chronologically if the date is included visibly in the thought name?
Metta, if I do not have the exact date of one event e.g. 1718/05/22 vs 1718 then the point trick comes in handy.
.17180522 1718/05/22
.17180000 1718
both show up at the same location in my 1700-1800 parent thought. Without the coma, I would need a 171800000 thought and that looks a bit ugly :-)
Makes good sense, Andreas. Thanks for clarifying. 
andreas wrote:

But once I link it to a .2018 2018 parent, all the date thoughts for the year will be neatly ordered.

Whether using the dot trick or not, I am debating the need to start thoughts with a Year and Date. Say for world events...on the one hand it is helpful to have the date there but it's also extra work. I looked at Jerry's Brain and I think he just adds them on to a year. Of course have to do what works for me, but curious what others do?
FWIW, I rarely put dates in the thought name simply because visual chronology is usually not important for the types of data I save.

I also rarely group items by date, except in the case of:
-- brain updates
-- stored archives

In addition, because I organize my thoughts by type, a pure chronological display (with either visible or hidden dates) would not even be possible in my brain (unless of course the types themselves were dated -- which would be a bit much, even for me).

However, when a date is relevant to the data I've added, I nearly always put a date shortcut at the top of the note itself (or occasionally in the thought label): 06.04.18 -- This provides valuable context about the thought data when I revisit it later on.

In the few cases where I do want a date visible in the thought name (for news items, in particular), I put the date at the end of the thought name:
> News Headline | 06.04.18

This has the distinct disadvantage of NOT being able to sort the items by date, but (again) for me that is not a priority. Instead, I'd much rather see the text of thought name first.

Finally, in response to your original question about Biographical events, I myself would use the year (or the year plus child thoughts for months) for sorting everything, and then use thought types to distinguish between world events and personal events, since I prefer to sort my thoughts by type.

Hope this helps, if only to provide an alternative perspective! ÃƒÆ’°Å¸Ëœâ€°
on the one hand it is helpful to have the date there but it's also extra work

Rob, this is something that now and again pops up in the forum. Yes, there is work involved in putting data into the Brain. BUT...the big advantage of putting in work upfront is that you will find the data again in a few years from now. There are content management systems out there that allow very rapid and simple data uptake into a database. But my experience with these systems is that you simply will not find the data again in the future.

Whenever I come across some dates somewhere, i.e. a building I am visiting and they give the time that monument was built, I put in the date and the name of the monument. Then I go and check in my brain what I put in that happened at around the same time. For me this is a very nice update on history and simply a lot of fun. And since I only put in these date thoughts a couple times a year, it is not too much work...

Actual daily news that I find noteworthy, I also enter with the date attached. This will then give me a correct chronological order of what happened during the year. 

So yes, for me the date is a crucial part for many thoughts and I like to see it together with the thought name.
Appreciate the posts... of course all of this is how you want to use the data. Some aspect of the Brain is auto-biographical. I did not have the good sense to keep my brain up to date the past 10-15 years, so putting in events will be selective. I do like seeing different aspects come together in one year thought -- so for a given year i can see where I worked, where I lived, and some personal events and world events.

As a side bar, what made me focus on dates recently was a trip to a museum in DC called the Newseum. In one long room they have hundreds of front pages from newspapers from various cities and important events of the day. So many of them made me think, "oh yeah I remember that happening and where I was", so recreating a bit of that feeling in my brain.
Hello Rob,
I would use types and tags to group and differentiate the thoughts.
This will avoid redundancy.

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